Top 5 sunsets in Goa!


Whether you are with a loved one or enjoying your solitude, sunsets will always prove to be magical! The vast coastline surrounded by hills and valleys make for scenic sunsets in Goa.  These captivating hues of orange, pink and red during the dusk never fail to grip a human heart and mesmerize it, every single time.

Keeping this in mind I have picked Top 5 sunset points of Goa.



Overlooking the mesmerizing waters of the Indian Ocean, Antares was designed by Sarah Todd and is on the top position of our best sunset locations in Goa. Antares is a place to truly enjoy ones passion for food and the scenic beauty of Goa.

Apart from its delectable food and mesmerizing view, Antares offers its patrons several eventful evenings accompanied with live music and live entertainment.


Flying Dolphin


A Beach Side Cafe & Bar with Tapas, where after a beautiful sunset, the evenings are special too, with karaoke and barbeques. Located in Calangute this place knows how to help you relax.




Located by the Utorda beach in South Goa is Zeebop, a fresh seafood shack with a unique ambiance. Feel the warmth of Goa’s romantic rolling sand dunes on your feet while you enjoy delicious food prepared to take your palate on a trip of the Goan routes.


Anahata Retreat


Anahata, the Sanskrit word for the heart chakra, means unstuck or unchanged. This ideally located retreat placed on the finest beach in North Goa nurtures this meaning in its food; consistent and delicious.  One can sit and dine a delicious meal here while soaking in the hues of Goa’s beautiful sunset.




Arambol beach has been blessed with serene surroundings, which make the sunset even more special. Placed towards extreme of north Goa, this beach is slightly lesser-known giving its visitors a more a personal experience to remember. Walk ahead to the curve on the right where you see a bunch of secluded rocks by the sea, you can get to the perfect spot for a sunset. Sit on one of the rocks (at a safe distance from the gushing waves of course) and enjoy a great sunset with no obstacles in your line of sight!

Happy Reading!


Gigi Martin


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