Top 5 Steaks in Goa

True love is fairly rare, not unlike a great steak! It’s no surprise that steaks have remained an irreplaceable dish in cuisine since the first men watched a woolly mammoth T-bone sizzle and pop over an open fire. Goa and its people are no strangers to steaks, as reflected in their fascinating interpretations of the delicacy served up in restaurants across the state. Atop the list, stand these 5 legendary steaks that surpass all others.

Steak on Stone (Martin’s Multicuisine)


Few others can boast of having built a reputation for steaks like Martin’s Multicuisine, Margao. Though their kitchen is infamous for their unique grill-based experimentation, the lauded Steak on Stone is by far, their most acclaimed dish. After being gently marinated in red wine, the meat is amazingly tender and succulent, while the accompaniment of sautéed mushrooms, salad and a brandy-based pepper sauce makes this steak a dish to be reckoned with. Finally, the steak itself prepared right at your table on a pre-heated stone, allowing you to bask in the aroma of its rich meaty flavours and aromatic spices.


The Steak Classic (The Big Tap)


Across the Baga Creek lies a classy, elegant steak whose endearing subtlety will take you completely by surprise. The Steak Classic, the sole steak on The Big Tap’s menu is grilled with surgeon-like precision to ensure the meat is neither over-cooked nor too rare. As you dig in, the sheer tenderness of the meat overwhelms your senses and pairs perfectly with the garlic mash and peppercorn sauce served with it.


Garlic Tenderloin Steak (The Lazy Goose)


The Garlic Tenderloin Steak plated up at The Lazy Goose, Nerul feels more like a Michelin-star dish than a backyard barbeque party-starter, but it captures the best of both worlds nonetheless. Though it is artfully plated up in the manner of a gourmet restaurant, the raw, smoky flavours of the meat are present throughout the tender medallion. It rests neatly on a bed of parmesan risotto and wild mushroom ketchup, peppercorn jus and is topped with a refreshing slice of roast tomato. Delightful presentation aside, this steak’s subtle balance of flavours and its rich constitution earn it a place in the top 5 any day of the year.


Grilled Beef Steak (Cantare)


You don’t always need to pay a ton of attention to colourful, contrasting flavours and mindboggling plating technique to impress a steak lover; a theory backed by the good chefs at Cantare, Saligao. Their Grilled Beef Steakwhich comes served as a set of juicy, grilled beef medallions, may be relatively simple to behold. However, it more than makes up for it with its sublime preparation and truly authentic flavours. The tenderloin beef used is grilled perfectly as per your request, served atop crisp, fresh greens and you may choose to have it prepared in either a creamy mushroom or smoky pepper sauce.


Classic Beef Steak on Stone (Cavatina)


Head Chef Avinash Martins of Cavatina can hold his head high, as his formidable Classic Beef Steak on Stonehas rightfully earned its place among Goa’s top 5. As artful presentations go, this steak has few equals, rivalled only by its exquisite preparation. The meat is cooked on a heated stone to a level that leaves no room for criticism, well-braised and succulent to the last bite, made with an enchanting pepper sauceblended with brandy and vanilla. Additionally, you may choose the preparation style for the potatoes and the sauce that goes with it. While this steak’s slick plating may leave you hesitant to dig in, I personally guarantee that the feeling won’t stay for long.



Happy Reading!


Gigi Martin


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