Masala House Goa: Reinventing modern Indian fare

When Masala House launched in Goa, great things were expected. After all, its counterpart in Delhi is an award-winning establishment that has made its patrons rethink Indian fine dining. If my recent experience there was anything to go by, it has lived up to the hype and admirably so. 


Masala House Goa brings to you the elegance and finesse of courtly dining, refined cooking techniques and skilful presentations from across the country. The cuisine at Masala House Goa is a celebration of the choicest flavours from the length and breadth of India, capturing the essence of Awadh, Lucknow and the coastal regions. Their contemporary take on traditional Indian flavours, infused with the goodness of aromatic spices aims to take the diner on a gastronomic voyage revering the grandeur of a bygone era. 


The ambience at Masala House is infused with an unassuming air of luxury. The light, pastel shades that don the walls make for a space redolent with subtle elegance. 


The menu is curated with tender care. A harmonious blend of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian preparations, each dish is a labour of love, with carefully selected ingredients. The Anarkali Tikki, a pan-seared cutlet of beetroot, quinoa and peanut butter is a rather sassy take on the modest Tikki. This was a great way for me to start my meal, and a healthy one too! Now that I had my veggies in, it was time for some protein. What better way to get in your daily helping than through the Murg Luqmi, an oven-baked flaky filo pastry with pulled chicken? Light and crispy, these simply melt in your mouth!


Pescatarians will be in raptures with their delightfully desi take on dearly adored seafood favourites. The Kadi Patta Jheenga is a flavour riot featuring grilled prawn imbibed with the flavour of curry leaves served with a nutritious quinoa and pomelo salad. The Dill Salmon Tikka is a clay oven-baked Scottish salmon infused with the essence fresh dill leaves.


Paying tribute to Goa, Masala House has outdone itself with the coastal delicacies. The Bafat Masala Fish, featuring the fish of the day simmered in fragrant Mangalorean masalas topped with a rich curry cream delivers flavours of the coast in every bite. The Rawa Meen Moiley, a semolina crusted fish of the day served in a spicy coconut curry goes well with rice. The star of the show is the Moge Wala Tamateri Kukad – grilled shredded chicken cooked in a tangy tomato sauce, butter, fresh cream and fenugreek, butter chicken has never been so creative!

Flash fried squids in a spicy, tantalising red chilli masala make the Calamari 65 play a symphony on your palate. 


If Masala House Goa has a star ingredient, it would be mutton. You can never go wrong with kebabs and the Dora Kebab, spiced minced lamb wrapped around a wooden skewer and chargrilled for a smoky flavour is everything you’d want in kebab and a whole lot more. It’d only be a slight exaggeration to say the Mutton Mirchi Keema, tender hand-pounded lamb spiced with chilli oil and tossed in a griddle makes for a transcendental culinary experience. 


The vegetarian selection is as vast as it is sublime. Try the Palak Moti, an indulgent delicacy of creamy mascarpone, ricotta cheese and creamed spinach brought together by aromatic garlic butter. The Anjeer Chenna Kofta, cheese dumplings with fresh figs bathed in a rich cashew saffron sauce will have you going back for more. 

Anarkali Tikki

My sweet cravings were put to rest with the Baked Yoghurt, a sweet and luscious confection that brought the meal to an incredibly satiating conclusion.


Masala House Goa brings to you a superlative fine dining experience, elevated by choice Indian fare par excellence chaperoned by cleverly crafted cocktails. It promises a regal gastronomic escapade and delivers just that!


Happy Reading,

Gigi Martin.


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