Tarun Sibal: A Culinary Alchemist Spinning Gourmet Gold

Suffice it to say that a love for gastronomy always ran through Tarun Sibal. The scion of Delhi’s first catering family, a flair for the culinary arts was always a strong part of the gene pool. But more than that, there was always something visceral that drew him to the world of food.


Although he hails from a family that is no less than a legacy, Tarun earned his chops the hard way. His journey began in 2000 at IHM Pusa Delhi. As an Industrial Trainee at the Oberoi, a Management Trainee with the Habitat World and a Sous Chef in 2006, there was no dearth of milestones once Tarun had set down the culinary route. While working with the best chefs at the Habitat World helped him refine his food sensibilities, his food dreams were simply too big to be confined to the kitchen, which led to an MBA in 2006, that eventually blossomed into marketing food and beverages and conceiving brand stories. With the experience that comes with working with three world-class food boards (Bord Bia (The Irish Food Board), Sopexa (The French Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries) and MLA (The Meat and livestock association of Australia)) and with Fratelli Wines and Berentzen Spirits under his belt, Tarun has the know-how to serve the most superlative fare to his patrons, something he has proved time and again with his various ventures. By 2015 however, Tarun was back to his roots, and this was when One Fine Meal, a boutique catering firm, saw the light. A mere year later he opened Cafe StayWoke, a delightful cafe in Delhi serving the finest in French, Italian and Continental. 2019 saw the birth of Titlie, a culinary bar in Vagator, Goa with the most spectacular sunset views in town. Being of the firm belief that the culinary world is headed towards a “gourmet casual” trend, Titlie delivers just that. 


Tarun tells us, “Titlie showcases the best of Indian International hospitality. It is a beachfront culinary bar where collaborative cuisine takes the center stage and celebrates the priceless luxury of life’s moment-to-moment pleasures. An imaginative blend of local and international recipes is brought alive by sublime seasonal produce, along with regional spirits and signature tinctures prepared in-house. Titlie, named after the butterfly, symbolises the sensorial memories of our daily, transformative journeys through life. Goa’s multifaceted spirit; the enigmatic expanse of the ocean inspiring relaxation and romance and the most unforgettable sunset views, represent so much more than just the sum of all ingredients.”


This philosophy is on full display in the eclectic fare at Titlie – there are elegant servings of Charred Sourdough with orange peel butter, green mascarpone and guava chilli jam, and texture-rich salads, featuring mangoes and tomatoes, figs and pomegranates, or walnut yoghurt and peppery arugula. You would be missing out if you didn’t try the hearty Curry Leaf Chicken Schnitzel, with rich, smoky hoisin barbeque and clean flavours of green apple slaw for balance.

Chicken Shznitzel

Swearing by excellence, compassion, humility and trueness, every plate out of Tarun’s kitchen delivers an unmatched standard of quality, because to him, a kitchen is an ecosystem in a league of its own. Each order ticket is a moment of truth, each plate needs the same amount of focus. His techniques and understanding of flavour are visible in every morsel, and a meal by Tarun Sibal is nothing short of a culinary symphony!


Happy Reading,

Gigi Martin.


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